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word of the kid 1

Word of the kid. (今日の子どもの一言)

Question1. Why the egg-carton became a monster?



Answer :Somebody put a big egg,so it couldn't close. It made its angry.


The cave man / 洞窟おじさん

I got a television drama's script .This drama called "The cave man".

It is about the man who lived in the cave 40 years! This is a real story, he is still living somewhere. For this drama, I made the logo and am drawing some illustration. I heard the hero is Lily Franky,wow! I am looking forward to watching it:)


Jomon festival / 縄文フェスティバル

I went to Jomon festival to play "stone flute" in the tour. It is first Jomon festival in Machida city. The Ainus came here to pray for the fire. I didn't know that there are many places connecting with Jomon era in Machida. 


picking strawberry /イチゴ狩り 

I went to Naruto to do picking strawberry:) 40min all we can eat 1600yen. It's not expensive. Moreover there are 5 or more kind of strawberries they are growing! wow.. It was quite fun to compare these tastes. yummy~~~



Wedding / 結婚式

Today is my sister's wedding! I made vails for my sister and our dog Momo. They did it in the church. I felt like..I am in Europe .Umm.. church's wedding is nice. I want to do in the same place! Anyway, Congratulation!!!




Pyramid / ピラミッド

 I went to Egypt to see the pyramid. It was my dream to ride the camel in the desert, so it came true! ho-ho! Well.. I was surprised that there are a few cameleer who are children. They speak "camel language" as adult do. Wow! I was so impressed!! I even didn't know that there are camel language in the world. Anyway, I want to say thank you for everything that my travel was finally done safely.



Pamukkale / パムッカレ

In Pamukkale, one of my dream came true. so I rode the balloon!! Yeah!! I haven't known this place though, It was really great. I liked these situation. They don't make fences, so when somebody make a mistake, they will die. It means they are living next to danger. What a beautiful! I think a danger makes us strong.


Cappadocia / カッパドキア

This is Cappadocia! In this place, I took a tour. The tour was fun, because they told me history about here. People was hiding those kind of mountains digging the rocks. Also they dug the ground to make under ground city. hah...human is ..so powerful. umm..great.


Istanbul / イスタンブール

In Istanbul, I liked to see the market. It was rough and untidy but also tidy,beautiful and colorful. Many various things are jumbled up. What an interest place! Oh, and so.. I was surprised that when I arrived in Turkey, I heard an announcement of pray. Everybody hear it everyday, everywhere. THIS IS THE TURKEY!! 


Greece Islands / ギリシャの島々

Greece Islands are amazing...!!! I felt like, I was in the picture book or games. OMG. What a mystic place. It may be the greatest place to see the sunset. Some visiter who I met is coming this place many times. So this place holds a fascination for people! I also want to come here again.


Meteora / メテオラ

My friend recommended me to go this place,Meteora. It is the world heritage. The churches are standing top of the cliff. It's crazy. who did it?? I also want to recommend to come here.It was really a grand view!! anyway, the dog in this photo was my company. Actually in Greece, there are many wild dogs and cats in the street. because they don't have a place to kill them like Japanese does. But these dogs are calm. When I was walking,this dog followed me to go. oh..so cute.



Barn / ベルン

Barn is the capital of Switzerland which Einstein was born. I didn't know about here though, I LIKE THIS PLACE!! wow,wow--!! There are many doors connecting to underground. Interesting! Exciting!! SO CUTE!! Why the doors make me happy.. I don't know.

But,anyway, it's fun!! 


Olten / オルテン

Olten is the place which my favorite illustrator lived. I just wanted to see her hometown. This town has a lot of trees and parks. Good environment! When I was at the park, elder played the game. I had never seen this game, so I looked and tried to understand it. Then, they invited me to play it! how kind they are!


Zurich / チューリヒ

Zurich is good for transfer. I got on the world heritage train. umm.. train makes me excite!! But it was too long..it took a long long time, so it made me tired.. well. I went to Appenzel. That's time was not festival though, museum was good!! they are still keeping their old style.


Fussen / フュッセン

Fussen is famous for Neuschwanstein Castle. It was of course! amazing! but it is not only castle. Town is also quite nice:) I liked this building(look at this photo). Windows are real,but frames are painting. I like these kind of sense. 


Salzburg / ザルツブルク

Salzburg was comfortable place for me. I stayed here about 1 week. Because it makes me good feeling. I liked to go for walk. someday, I want to comeback here... well,this picture was taken in the biggest ice cave in the world. It's me and the queen of ice. haha


Vienna / ウィーン

In my image, Vienna was" city of music". I expected there are many musicians playing everywhere!! But it was not..I was kind of shocked. Oh,but..There are many cheap tickets for concert! for example, I could listen the opera with only 5 euro! so,they have standing tickets...What's a nice system. I hope somebody makes the same things in Japan. 


Cesky Krumlov / チェスキー クルムロフ

I came to the historic centre of Cesky Krumlov:)

It was a small town surrounded by the river.That time I took a free tour. The guide taught me some funny things,for example "This house had a ghost and almost nobody who is coming here don't know about it,but it is still here.." something like that. I felt again that We are same humans..Because they enjoy the same thing even they live other countries.


Prague / プラハ

I came to Prague that I had wanted to visit for a long time!! Everywhere so cute!! Anyway, at first, I saw the marionette play.It was...sooo FUN!! And black light theater, funny toys, yummy sausages, Karla Zemana museum...I LOVE Prague!! 


Pisa / ピサ

Pisa is famous for Leaning Tower of Pisa:) I found animals on it (see this photo). Oh, it's cute! Also There are beautiful duomos next to tower. I didn't know these structures! I'm sorry..Pisa..


Florence / フィレンツェ

When I asked about Italy, almost all people recommended Florence,so I came here as well:) The hostel which I stay was the dormitory of church before. It looks so nice, I feel like..I'm in the movie! 

Florence has many museums. Especially I liked Uffizi museum. Everywhere I can see was paintings or sculptures including the ceiling..it was powerful. 

イタリアについて意見を聞いてみると、大部分の人がフィレンツェがいいよー!というので、来てみました。私が泊まった宿は昔教会の寄宿舎だったところで、とても趣があり素敵なところでした。うっとり。 フィレンツェにもたくさん美術館があります。その中で一番気に入ったのはウフィツィ美術館。どこをみても作品、作品、作品…天井までびっしり!すごい迫力でした。

Rome / ローマ

Next city is Rome. Wow..Colosseum is close to station..they are living in the middle of historical town!

Every European churches are amazing..! I'm not a christian though, I enter them every time when I find to take a rest. What a nice thing about God is, it accept everybody even they aren' t believers. umm. I want to be like that.



Venice / ヴェネツィア

I'm in Venice! Ooooh, many boats...water..and beautiful buildings. This is it I wanted to see!! But.. umm? They use automatic boats(somebody sail it using a cellphone)...I thought everybody have gondolas though, only tourists use them..I can't believe.. Anyway, there are many masks made by professional. So cool! It was fun to know how to make them:)


憧れのヴェネツィアにやってきました!たくさんの船に水、素敵な建物…かっこいいー!これが見たかったんです!でもなんかみんなオートマティックの船に乗ってるよ、船を運転しながらケータイ使ってる人もいるよ。ゴンドラしかないと思ってたのに…想像と違う。ところで、この街にはマスクがいっぱい!マスク職人が作ってる姿を見るのが楽しかったです◎ 近くにある島々にはガラス工芸やレースの刺繍がたくさん!面白い〜

Girona / ジローナ

When I arrived in Barcelona, I met a scientist. He recommended me to go to Girona,so I came here anyway. There is an old town here...and..oh my god..an ALLEY!! How beautiful!!I loved it before and I wanted to see it someday..I remembered.Wow,my dream came true ! haha.


Barcelona / バルセロナ

Barcelona is famous for Gaudi!! Actually I love his works..kkk

I loved the foams of them though...I noticed that what an important thing of his works are...the LIGHTS!! When I entered Sagrada Familia, I cried.. because the lights were amazing. I thought he knew something spacial which made by God. I heard this church will be complete in 2030. Really? If it's true, I wanna see..




In London,I did an interview about play ground to went around several parks.  I thought there are only play worker working , but there are play leader as well. They aren’t regular employees. umm.. It's quite deferent from what I expected. Interesting !



I came to Paris! What a surprise thing is... we can take pictures in the museum!! (not every places though) and.. There are many statues EVERYWHERE! oh..This is Paris! Mmm..breads are really yummy!!!!

Did you know that there is a law taking a vacation more than 5 weeks in Paris!! But they don't satisfied yet..so they demonstrate to take a more vacation..wow. It is too different compare to Japan.

 パリにやってきました!何がびっくりしたって、美術館で写真撮り放題ってのが驚き!(全部の美術館じゃないけど) それから、いたるところに色んな銅像…これがパリか!本当にパンがおいしい! ところでパリでは5週間以上お休みを取らなきゃいけないと法律で決まっているそう。長くていいなーと思ったら、もっと休みをよこせとデモをしているとのこと。日本と随分ちがうなぁ。


Bye bye my Canadian family

Finally I'm leaving Luc Sculpture which cultivate me. They helped me a lot like a family. They made a farewell party for me. My friends made cakes and we did jams together with drums. I'll miss them..I will come back here again!!! someday.



Organic Farm

I have been in the organic farm to do volunteering. This farm has vegetable, fruit, flowers and animals. What a beautiful place it is! The farmers are amazing. I'm learning a lot of things they usually think. If you are interested in it, please try to get there to do volunteering.

Simpler Thyme Organic Farm





I did an internship about 2 mouths in Toronto. So I realized that English is really easy to say my opinion. I think because of culture which language of English already has.  

Anyway, these book arrangement are cool..



Easter eggs / イースターエッグ

I made easter eggs with children. I knew about them before, but I didn't know detail of Easter.

On Sunday morning, children find easter eggs as  a treasure hunter. Recently eggs are not only eggs. People use toy eggs with kind if treasures in them. Umm,It's ..fun! I want to do that again:)



Mr.Oil / あぶらくん

Why I haven't noticed it is fun and beautiful that a oil makes a lot of bubble.

Big ones,mudium ones, and tiny ones.. That's so cute.
His name is Mr.Oil who in the picture.
He is always different form and swimming.


To milk / ちちしぼり

I go to nursery school recently to volunteer. Look this picture! It's a very good idea. Teachers made a tiny hole. And then,the kids milked like a farmer. I can see a lot of toys which I've never seen a lot and... Their program is very organized , so I want to learn more how they do it here. When I play with kids, I can see a lot of things which I already knew like a new things and I can enjoy a lot with just a little thing. I really respect kids.




My face

I'm a baby sitter in Toronto. Today, a child who I take care drew my face:) She is just 3 years old though, look, she could draw my glasses,too! How cute!  I like my job because I see children's growth a lot. It makes my happy. Their growth is much faster, I always surprise and be glad. They are really amazing!


Northern lights / オーロラの日

I saw northern lights on my birthday. Actually it had been my dream since I was a schoolchild. Plus northern lights which I saw was the best ones in this season. It was like a birthday presents for me from sky.  I want to say that I appreciate everything.



I am a buffalo girl :)

I went to Buffalo to meet my cousins who were born there. There are a loooot of snow more than Toronto, so I made a snowmen with my warmer stuffs which was Christmas presents from my cousins. My uncle is working in a Japanese sushi restaurant to make sushi, it called "Kuni's". I ate some sushi there though, they were testy like the real japanese ones. If you have interest in it, please visit it:)



My own Christmas tree

I went to a tree farm to get my own christmas tree. You know, people usually cut a tree by themselves for Christmas in America, Canada and some countries,so I tried to do it.It was my first time to cut it though, It was easier than I thought and it was very fun! I want to do it in Japan,too.



Halloween / ハロウィーン


I made Jack-o-lantern with my friend at school. 

It looked so nice,so we won a competition and got a pizza! Hurray!

At night, I did trick or treating with my neighbor who has a child.

And I got a looot of snacks!! I was so happy:)






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Clay with kids

I go to an art studio to volunteering. It is very fun. The sculptures which kids made were amazing!! I want to make something like kid does.



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移動しやすい!! そして建物がカワイイ(^_^)





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会場:青山ブックセンター内 大教室(最寄り駅は渋谷・表参道)





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這い出でよ 飼屋が下の 蟾の声
這い出でよ 飼屋が下の 蟾の声














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