Easter eggs / イースターエッグ

I made easter eggs with children. I knew about them before, but I didn't know detail of Easter.

On Sunday morning, children find easter eggs as  a treasure hunter. Recently eggs are not only eggs. People use toy eggs with kind if treasures in them. Umm,It's ..fun! I want to do that again:)



To milk / ちちしぼり

I go to nursery school recently to volunteer. Look this picture! It's a very good idea. Teachers made a tiny hole. And then,the kids milked like a farmer. I can see a lot of toys which I've never seen a lot and... Their program is very organized , so I want to learn more how they do it here. When I play with kids, I can see a lot of things which I already knew like a new things and I can enjoy a lot with just a little thing. I really respect kids.




Halloween / ハロウィーン


I made Jack-o-lantern with my friend at school. 

It looked so nice,so we won a competition and got a pizza! Hurray!

At night, I did trick or treating with my neighbor who has a child.

And I got a looot of snacks!! I was so happy:)






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